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*English is below.




① 蜂巣(はちす)織の生地を使用。織柄が蜂の巣に形状が似ていることからこう名付けられました。


② コットンとシルクの絶妙な配合率。京都・丹後の織物産地ならではの織技術と織物加工技術を用いて高水準の糸を織込んでつくられた生地です。

コットン 60 %、シルク 40 %のさらっとした肌触りです。

③ コットンとシルクの両方の特性をもった機能性。コットンは吸水性、保湿性、通気性に優れ、シルクは保湿性、菌繫殖抑制するという特性があり、

2 つの素材を織り込むことでより機能性の高い素材となりました。




マスクは S 、 M 、 L サイズをご用意しました。ご家族でご使用いただけます。




素材:綿60% 絹40%


重量: S /約6g M/約8g L/約10g




Cotton Silk Face Mask

A textile artisan of Kyotango (North part of Kyoto Prefecture. Textile manufacture is one of the main industries at there.) and we are collaborated to make fine cotton silk facemasks.

The artisan developed and produced new material through a trial and error.

You can now buy them as a set so that the whole family can wear them together.

*Click here to buy individual items.

【 About Cotton silk fabric for our facemask 】

① Honey-comb woven fabric is used on one side. Weaving pattern is resembling a honey-comb, so it is called like that.

Surface is uneven, looks like waffle structure. Plain-woven fabric is used on the opposite side.

② Perfect blending ratio of cotton and silk (Cotton 60%, Silk 40%) so that the fabric has a dry texture.

This is made by a professional fabric maker using high weaving technique and fabric processing method.

③ It has cotton and silk functions. Cotton has moisture absorptivity, moisture retention and ventilating functions

and Silk has moisture retention and growth of bacteria preventing functions.

【 Specifications of facemask 】

You can pass thorough your favorite ribbons or laces instead of straps.

We deliver the facemask straps are untied so that you can adjust them yourself.

It is very moisturising and gentle on the skin, so it is also recommended to use it as a moisturising mask at bedtime by adjusting the strings loosely.

S, M and L sizes are available.

Materials: Cotton 60% Silk 40%


Weight: S /approx.6g M/approx.8g L/approx.10g


Made in Japan

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